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WLG June 23, 2022 7:17 pm

My Time at Sandrock Wallpapers New tab – an extension for your web browser that opens special settings for a new tab.

Theme features My Time at Sandrock Wallpapers New tab:

• Full HD wallpapers
Instead of boring gray background, stunning Full HD wallpapers will appear in My Time at Sandrock New Tab theme.

• Search bar
Quick access to the largest and most well-known search engines in the world provides a theme search bar My Time at Sandrock.

• Shortcuts
Save your favorite sites to the theme shortcut panel My Time at Sandrock Wallpapers New tab. You can go to important and frequently visited websites with just one click.

Interesting facts about My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is the second game in the My Time series, following My Time at Portia. It is currently being developed and self-published[1] by Pathea Games. Early Access is intended to start in early 2022 (delayed from its initial projected date of 2021), at which time the general public will be allowed to purchase the game for the first time. Information from the game itself is limited due to the non-disclosure agreement that beta players are under, and no information from the beta version can currently be published except what is shown in official Pathea media, such as on their Youtube channel.

As in My Time at Portia, crafting, resource gathering, and farming are key aspects of the game. The player character will take on the role as Builder in the dilapidated oasis town of Sandrock, a rough desert environment with scarce resources compared to the lush world of Portia, and attempt to rebuild the town to its former glory.

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